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Kidney Foundation of Northwest Ohio Education Program

      Every day, more and more children start to develop kidney disease. Although this disease can lead to poor health outcomes, many will not know they have it until it is too late. This was the call to action that started the high school education program. Through it, students and interns at the University of Toledo come to the Kidney Foundation of Northwest Ohio and learn all they can about kidney disease. They then take this knowledge to area schools and give presentations on how to prevent this disease. It is open to any area high school who wishes to educate their students on how to prevent such a debilitating disease. Students get a chance to learn not only through the presentation but through hand on demonstrations as well as conversations with their classmates. Here are a few of the comments from some of the students:

-The speaker was well educated and funny-

-They related what they taught me to my own life-

-I liked that the presenter was fun and energetic yet still taught me about kidney disease-

-The speaker got me thinking about how to change my life so I could live longer- 

     All of these comments were from students who have received the presentation at their schools. If you are interested in receiving a presentation from one of our staff at your
local high school please send an email to :

     Dr. Timothy R. Jordan, Ph.D., M.Ed. is the Director of the Undergraduate Public Health Program at the University of Toledo and oversees the Kidney Foundation of Northwest Ohio's High School Education Program.